Saturday, 5 September 2015

The book thief III - Jemma's Redemption

Redemption, when you can get it, is a truly wonderful feeling indeed!
For those of you who are regular readers, I'm certain that you will recall the saga undergone by my good friend Jemma Grey as an aspiring author. For those who are unfamiliar, you can read about it in The book thief and The book thief II.
Mondkar The Manuscript Mountebank in action!

I have some positive news that I wish to share with you, as Jemma has extracted a bit of personal redemption in the situation and, in doing so, has simultaneously realised one of her dreams. Ms Grey has moved from the realm of aspiring author to that of published author!
A dream made reality!
That's correct - Ms Jemma Grey is now a published author. Pretend With Me, the first instalment of the Midnight Society series, was officially launched at the Tattoo Fest event at the Centre of Excellence on August 2nd (last month). Given the goth nature of the novel, it fit right in at that event and Jemma did some brisk business that afternoon.

Our newly-minted author signs a copy of her novel for a fan.

She also had herself a stall at the recent GamesCon at UWI, St. Augustine as well on August 29th, where she not only enjoyed some good sales of her paperback but also got to see one of her favourite characters, Kickass, 'live' in the flesh via one of the Cosplay enthusiasts there. Don't be fooled by her apparently calm demeanour in this photo; she could barely contain her delight!

To cap off a wonderful time, Jemma got to pose with Kickass!
ScottyPedia had a small hand in helping her achieve these goals. My contribution? I had the arduous task of proofreading her manuscript before publication. That was no easy feat (Jemma apologised for this up front) in that this was my first official proofreading engagement of major consequence and the pressure was on for me to deliver on time. Needless to say, ScottyPedia delivered to a thankful client who reciprocated in the manner below!
Alas, Jemma never spells my real name right ... Too much The Omen movies, perhaps?

I hope that you will, in turn, also help and support a local author by purchasing a copy or two of Pretend With Me and the upcoming novels (yes, plural) in the Midnight Society series. You can find copies (paperback and Kindle versions) at Amazon. At present, Jemma is deep into the completion of the second instalment, which should become available early next year. And, if there is any doubt in your minds, I am very proud of my friend's achievement and the small role that I had in helping to bring vision to reality. in this world where hopes and dreams can take decades to realise, if at all, yet can be dashed and shattered in a heartbeat, it is good to see one come true and it is a wonderful feeling to know that you're partially responsible for making it happen.
Jemma Grey interacting with a fan at her book launch.
And thanks must be given to the book thief, Mr. Mondkar - The Manuscript Mountebank, for it was your damaging acts that brought about a cascade of positive vibrations and encouragement that has culminated in the above. While we may never recover what you have already stolen, Jemma has indeed reaped her just rewards otherwise, despite yourself.
From thought to paper to sales!
Finally, there is another reason I chose to put up this post today - September 5th happens to be Jemma's birthday. So please join with me in wishing my author friend a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
Happy Birthday to you, Jemma Grey!

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